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Clinical and Community Resources for Affirming Therapists

Legal/Advocacy Resources
National Center for Lesbian Rights
National Center for Transgender Equality
Lambda Legal Resource
Transgender Law Center : free legal advice for trans community. Name & Gender Change Forms.
LALGBT Center: Antiviolence Project Contact: legal support, police education and liaison- services.

Mental & Medical Health Care and LGBTQ Populations

Children's Hospital Los Angeles

University of San Francisco Center of Excellence for Transgender Health

Bodies Like Ours is an online community support and resource hub for Intersexed people.

Online Educational and Community Resources

Trans Youth Family Allies
Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network

Tool kits for safe zones, and starting Gay Straight Alliances at your school. GLSEN is also working on Transaction Day and has great resources to help you join a support group or start one at your school.
Support, advocacy and information for friends, parents, and family members. Nationwide meetings directory online.

resources for children, teens and their families. Annual conference includes provider training and workshops for youth, teens and families usually held in the Bay Area over Labor Day Weekend.

Resources of LGBTQ Youth Shelter: Jeff Griffith Youth Center at LAGLC . Shelter, Mentoring, Emergency clothing, job training, placement and coming expanded counseling center.

Center Orange County, Santa Ana
After school drop in, mentoring, GSA network and social activities for LGBT youth in an affirming environment.

Center Long Beach
Mentoring program, peer social activities, career and academic support, Safe Sex Ed and HIV/STD Prevention, support groups, referrals.

Films and Documentaries to Check Out:
Make It Better Project
I’m From Driftwood Project
NALT (Not All Christians Are Like That)
Born Perfect Campaign NCLR


Beautiful Boxer
Boys Don’t Cry
My Life in Pink (La Vie en Rose) Prayers for Bobby
For The Bible Tells Me So
Fish Out of Water
Trans The movie
Trembling Before God
Paragraph 175


The Danish Girl

Educational Films
Straightlaced unearths how popular pressures around gender and sexuality are confining American teens. Their stories reflect a diversity of experiences, demonstrating how gender role expectations and homophobia are interwoven, and illustrating the different ways that these expectations connect with culture, race and class”.A great documentary about pressure to conform to gender stereotypes and its impact on teens.

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